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The Nowaco A/S' connection

Nowaco A/S founded Nowaco Czech, Slovak and Nowaco Baltic. Nowaco Czech and Slovak was sold in 2004 to J.P Morgan and in 2009 they joined Bidvest. In 2011 Nowaco A/S sold the last part of their distribution(Nowaco Baltic) to Bidvest as well and continued as an independent trading house.


Nowaco A/S was originally founded in 1972, where Preben Kurt Nielsen and his wife Juttine (Nowak) Nielsen mortgaged their house to start a trading firm which they called NOWACO  

Coming from a company that traded in food Nielsen knew what he was dealing with. Armed with an inventive mind and a typewriter, he and his wife, who knew how to settle the accounts, were in business. Soon NOWACO was a thriving trading company.

Part of the success was due to the fact that Nielsen often happened to be in the right spot at the right time.

Not by chance of course! He knew instinctively when to act on novel opportunities, and in many ways Nielsen was a pioneer in his field.

The company has grown quite a lot since 1972 and have today more than 150 employees, 10 offices in eight countires on four continents. It is one of the most important and experienced foodtraders around.