French fries and potato products

Potato, which is sometimes referred to as a second bread, is probably one of the most commonly used vegetables. Nowaco is happy to present a varied assortment of potatoes and their products that will satisfy the fussiest tastes.

French Fries and Potato products. True or False?

Potato sticks make You fat? - False

Potato sticks do not make people fatter. Eaten in reasonable amounts and combined with vegetables and low calorie sources of proteins such as fish or white meat, potato sticks form a part of a healthy diet.

They are also a source of carbohydrates which control our hunger.

Nutritionists claim that half food energy we consume should come from carbohydrates.

Potato sticks contain more fat than home made potato sticks? - False

Prepared potato sticks contain 5-15% of fat. This amount is equal to mashed potatoes with some butter or home fried potatoes.

It is important to note that fat is as important to human organism as proteins or carbohydrates. Reasonable consumption of fat is a key to a healthy diet that contains a balanced amount of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Potato sticks can form a part of children's diet? - True

Potato sticks, if eaten in reasonable amounts and only once or twice a week, can definitely be a part of children's diet. Potatoes contain starch, which is necessary for proper nutrition, and what is most important, children love them!

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