About us

History year by year

The whole history of Bidvest in the Baltics would take many pages to write, but in general there has been an upward trend in our company‘s continuous growth and development (with a few expectations). The history dates back to 1994, when some of the current employees in Bidvest Lietuva began to import products with the help of Nowaco A/S. Below are presented some of the most significant milestones year by year.

1999 - The company Orgevita was acquired and Nowaco Lietuva was established.

2000 - The first coldstore in Kaunas was ready to be used.

2004 - The fleet of trucks exceeded 10.

2008 - Sales directly to retail chains in Latvia were begun.

2008 - A new and bigger coldstore/distribution center came into use.

2009 - A chilled coldstore was added.

2009 - Nowaco Latvia was established.

2010 - Nowaco Eesti was established.

2011-  Nowaco Baltic joined the Bidvest group

2012 - Nowaco Baltic changed name to Bidvest Baltic